Ministry Spotlight: Deidox, short films and long-form documentaries for your church

I first used Deidox films while running a youth group about ten years ago. The short films were perfect for teenage attention spans and the production quality was amazing–on par with anything a big studio could do.

But the best part was the content. The team at Deidox shined a spotlight on the lives of everyday Christians. Cops, nurses, teachers, doing their best to live out their faith amidst all the demands of real life.

Their latest project looks incredible:

So now I want to shine the spotlight on Deidox (By the way, Dei = latin for God; dox = documentaries) Thank you for focusing on regular Christians and telling their stories in a phenomenal way.

How can you use Deidox? It’s perfect for:

  • Church Services
  • Small Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • College Groups
  • Your Own Inspiration

Over the years, I’ve always checked in to make sure Deidox is still around. Organizations like theirs, doing quality work with a faith perspective are rare. I’m happy they’re still doing the work they were called to do.

But they could always use your help. Their staff is bi-vocational–doing Deidox work when they can but maintaining other jobs. They’re a 501(c)3 based in Austin, Texas, and you can donate to their awesome work here.

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