Ministry Spotlight: LiveSwap, graphic design software for churches

According to LiveSwap’s website, it’s “graphic design software for churches.” But, in my humble opinion, it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful, versatile tool that will save you tons of time and effort–especially in the realms of digital and social media.

Whether you’re a pastor who does his own design or a pro who designs for a living, I really believe this software will be a game-changer for you. Here’s why I’m so grateful for LiveSwap and I think you will be too:

1. One Click Resize
Have you ever tried to turn a JPG sermon slide into a Facebook post? Twitter banner? YouTube Channel Art?! In the olden days, you’d need the layered file and a lot of time.

Not anymore–it’s the age of LiveSwap and One Click Resizing. Turn your graphic from an Instagram post to an email header in one click. From SD to HD. From a Facebook post to a business card.  All one click with no corners cut: LiveSwap automatically repositions background, images, and text so you don’t lose anything vital.

2. Easy to Use
LiveSwap is an online editor. There’s no software to download. Login on any device and your projects are there, ready and waiting. The interface is clean and intuitive. You’ll be comfortable using it within a minute or two.

3. Beautiful Graphics
LiveSwap’s pre-loaded graphics are professional, high quality, and beautiful. There’s no filler. It’s a curated selection and you won’t find better design anywhere else.

If you prefer to design from scratch, you can do that too. Set your custom size, upload your own files and photos, and you can still resize with one click.

4. Phenomenal Stock of Photos
With a LiveSwap subscription you’ll have free access to the photo stock of CreationSwap and Unsplash right inside LiveSwap.

5. Created for Churches
LiveSwap’s site and graphics—the whole concept—was made for churches and Christian ministries.  The people at LiveSwap understand what you need and they provide it on a level that exceeds the design standards of similar services created for the general public.

Pricing: $9/month (cancel any time). Or $99/year.

Pro Tip: If you join CreationSwap ($19/month. Or $199/year), you’ll get LiveSwap free. I suggest considering this if you’re a regular graphic designer and especially if you do print pieces. CreationSwap gives you access to high-res layered .AI and .PSD files. As well as video and audio resources. If you’re just doing social media/digital work, LiveSwap is more than enough for you.

Lastly, I get no kickbacks for this rave review. Partners In Ministry and I are in no way affiliated with LiveSwap or CreationSwap.

I simply love what they do—they save churches and ministries time, money, and allow them to have a professional digital presence on par with any large organization.

I was thrilled the day I discovered them, and I’m continually impressed with their commitment to excellence.

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