Gearing up for Fall: Impactful Ministry Ideas


Fall is a great time of year to “kick-off” (football pun intended) your church’s ministry and outreach for the next six to nine months. As you look at the events calendar and brainstorm activity ideas, use this list for inspiration:


Back to School Support


Back to school can be a difficult time for families with low income. Kids need school supplies, clothes and shoes, and the expenses can be a significant burden. Minister to parents and their students alike by holding a school supplies drive for families with demonstrated need in your town. Talk to local educators and leaders of other local non-profits to find out what’s in high demand and who has the greatest need. It’s a way to put love into action and help students succeed despite their economic standing.


Fall Festival or Fair

For many areas of the country, fall means hayrides, pumpkins and bobbing for apples. Avoid feeding into the Halloween craze and instead start your own trend: a family fall fair fit for everyone! With snacks, games and kid-friendly costumes, you can begin a tradition of togetherness and celebration of the harvest season.


Holiday Baking and Delivery Outreach

Forget the tired old bake sale. How about you plan an actual baking day? This is the perfect opportunity for the chefs (or those who picture themselves to be one!) amongst you to gather in the church kitchen and create flavorful, homey meals, or delicious desserts. Instead of selling, why not deliver your holiday-themed creations to a local family in need? Sometimes home cooking is the best gift you can give.


Plan a Sports Day

A family sports day is always a great time to practice teamwork and get a little dirty while having loads of fun. Whether it’s football, soccer, basketball or volleyball, a sunny afternoon spent competing with loved ones is an afternoon well spent. Plan a fall sports tournament or pickup game day and invite new people from the community!


Board Game Bash

Once the weather turns colder or rainier, it’s time to take activities indoors. But leave the electronics out of it! Board games can be just as fun as outdoor sports, just without the sweat. Have families sign up ahead of time and commit to bringing their household’s favorite board game. You can set up individual tables for each game and rotate, with food and drinks in between games!


Community Clean-up

Keep your town free of debris. Volunteer a group from your church to pick up trash and rake leaves at the town square. You can also offer to take care of the yard work for your elderly members and other older adults in the community.


At Partners in Ministry, we provide a wealth of resources for churches and ministry organizations in their effort to serve and share the gospel. Check out our website for more!

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