Summer Ministry Ideas for Your Church


It’s officially summer! Finally, the time of year to enjoy the outdoors, and a more opportune time for your church to partake in ministry outreach. From family reunions to pool parties, people are already in the socializing mood. Take advantage of this summer season with these fun ministry ideas:


For Youth

With schools closed and a majority of parents still working, summer is the best time to start and grow children ministries. Many parents are already looking for daycare programs, camps, and activities for their children. Now is a great time to brainstorm and develop kid-friendly events that help spread word of your youth ministry.

An ice cream party, for example, is an excellent idea for kids to enjoy and help stay cool during the day. A group trip to a theme park is also a great option. Both are activities that attract and engage children, enabling them to feel comfortable, have fun, and develop friendships with other kids in the church. These ideas also give leaders the opportunity to connect with and pour into children spiritually.


For Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy the warm weather! If your church consists of adult ministries, such as women’s and men’s groups, use this time to strategize opportunities for fellowship. There are probably several new members in the church who have yet to meet and spend time with other members, as well as busy parents or married couples who haven’t had much time to focus on themselves individually.

For women, consider throwing a spa-night at your church or taking a women’s brunch. For men, plan group activities such as a guy’s retreat or kayaking. Spending time with other church members of the same gender helps initiate conversation, share issues, and seek advice from ministry leaders. For combined adult ministries, such as married couples, opt for gender-neutral summer activities, such as a trip to a gospel concert or a drive-in movie theater. All are great opportunities to bond together as spouses and as a church family. Weekly volleyball or basketball pick-up games are also a great excuse to socialize and stay active!


For Community Outreach

Last, but not least, don’t forget about public outreach. Community service is the best method of introducing your church to the public, showing others the love of Christ, and attracting new members. Have your church throw a local barbecue cookout, host a free car wash, or a combination of the two. It’s easy to make these type of outdoor events family-friendly, incorporating various activities for both adults and children to enjoy. Be sure to have plenty of outreach cards or brochures of your church available and visible to the public.
Of course, there are plenty of other options and ministry ideas for the summer, but these are a great start! It is essential to evaluate the goals of your church as a whole and identify which areas of ministry require more focus and development. As always, Partners in Ministry has various resources and tools needed to help equip and grow your church.

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