Practical Ways to Prioritize Prayer in Your Church

It is essential for every believer to have a prayer life. Prayer is our communication with God, and its vitality is expressed numerous times throughout His word. Prioritizing prayer means prioritizing our relationship with God. Even Jesus, our model for living, made prayer a daily habit, in which He often ventured off alone to a mountain to pray [Matthew 14:23].

Prayer within a congregation enables people to experience the presence of God within their church, as well as identify His will for the ministry as a whole. Here are three practical ways to help your church prioritize prayer.    


Establish a Prayer-Focused Leadership Team

Leadership is key to establishing a culture where prayer is at the center. A leadership team grounded in prayer gives your church members a model to follow – in everything, pray. Influential prayer leaders, such as ministers, deacons, and small group teachers, can demonstrate to your congregation a lifestyle committed to prayer, as well as teach them ways to pray and provide encouragement when needed.


Create Structure

To develop any habit, especially prayer, it takes self-discipline and time management. When a structure is in place with a scheduled time, location, and specific topics of prayer, the process is more natural to incorporate into daily routines. Have prayer leaders encourage their groups to work on establishing a prayer structure in their day-to-day life. By sharing prayer needs within small groups and building a church-wide prayer chain, the entire body is praying regularly with and for each other.


Provide Effective Tools

For the modern-day church, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” method for prayer requests. In a society where technology is prominent, it’s productive to incorporate a variety of ways for church members to communicate about their prayer needs. Aside from traditional cards, ask for prayer requests via email and social media messages, and consider scheduling prayer conference calls. Not only does this expand outreach, but also demonstrates the willingness and commitment to increasing prayer within the church.  


Prayer not only helps strengthen our faith individually but also together as a ministry. Ceaseless dedication to time spent praying together are what led the disciples to experience what we know as one of the most miraculous moments described in the Bible: receiving the power of the Holy Spirit [Acts 2:1-4]. As this life-changing experience empowered the early disciples to perform God’s wonders, it is only imaginable what this type of revival will do within your church.
Whether it’s daily devotionals, evangelism tools, or ideas for outreach, Partners in Ministry is dedicated to providing solutions and resources to equip churches and small group leaders in their mission to serve.

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