How to Use Easter as an Outreach Opportunity

In America, Easter is more than just a religious holiday: there are department store sales, family and Easter bunny photos, egg hunt contests, you name it. Many who aren’t of the Christian faith still know of and acknowledge Easter as symbolic for positivity and a day off from their usual Sunday activities. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to spread the Gospel? Here are several great ways to use Easter as an outreach opportunity for your church.


Serve the Community

Warm weather, flowers blooming – Spring has officially made its debut. Easter season is the perfect time to go out into the community and make your church known through ministry. Consider having a canned food drive or providing clothing donations for shelters and the local community. Combine the idea with a free car wash for anyone who donates items, and you now have a full range of services happening simultaneously. You can use this time to minister to those in need of donations, while also sharing information about your church and Easter service to those who donated.


Church Block Party

Who doesn’t love a great outdoor event with plenty of food and games? By throwing a weekend block party, your church can make Good Friday and Easter Sunday a fantastic three-day event for all to enjoy. Pull out the grill for a fish-fry cookout and combine it with an Easter egg hunt or field day in your church parking lot or local park where kids and families can join. Not only will outdoor events attract new members, it’s also an excellent opportunity to fellowship with current members.


Drama or Concert Performance

Church skits and musical performances are traditional events to plan for Easter. If you or your children are performing in an Easter play or concert, it is a wonderful opportunity to invite family and friends to attend. Those who do not attend church or know the Gospel may still come for support, which makes it easier to share about Christ during their attendance.



Last but not least, sometimes an old-fashioned invitation to church makes all the difference, especially for Easter Sunday. There are many people who are curious or new to the Christian faith and are looking for a good church home. Encourage members of your congregation to personally invite their neighbors, co-workers, and friends to your church’s Easter Sunday service. Whether it’s personal cards, wall flyers, or neighborhood door hangers, it is possible for someone to take an invite as an answered prayer.


For us, Easter is one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. It is the day our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was resurrected from the grave. Let’s do our part to show the world how we commemorate this victory over sin and death.

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